A Project at the Heart of a Community

February 22, 2021 News, Public, Time

At the end of November last year our team helped to complete an important community led project which highlighted just what can be achieved when people come together and make a collective effort.

We were commissioned by Horsefair & Proud, a committee that promotes and champions the Horsefair area of Kidderminster, to create a replica of the original pillar clock which was constructed in 1912 in honour of local businessman & councillor Fred Oakes and stood outside The Old Peacock public house until its removal in 1969. It was hoped that the original would be restored but no record of it can be found.

It has been a special project for our team to work on as it means so much to the local area and some of the funding for it was raised by local residents and businesses – so it’s very much at the heart of the community. We were very keen to replicate the original clock as closely as possible, so photographs from the council archive were used and the base was cast by a local foundry to our original pattern.

Steve Walker BCAv, a member of the Horsefair & Proud committee, a key figure in the fundraising efforts and in driving the project forward, had this to say, “The dedication and skillset of the Smith of Derby team working with the committee and I to replicate this iconic Horsefair Clock, was a huge achievement for all parties involved. The community has been amazing in raising funds, I personally want to thank every single person who donated to the cause, as this would not have been possible without them. Huge thanks also goes to the family of Fred Oakes, notably John Oakes and his late brother Nigel Oakes who sadly passed away prior to installation, but he did see the clock being made at Smith of Derby.”

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