Beautiful Six-Dial Clocktower Unveiled at Harris Manchester College

Smith of Derby has proudly manufactured six new dials as part of Harris Manchester College's recent new-build project in Oxford.

Posted on 22 October, 2014 by Smith of Derby.



Smith of Derby Clockmakers is delighted to have completed work on the installation of a rare six-dial clock for the Siew-Sngiem clock tower at Harris Manchester College in Oxford. The completion of the work was highlighted by a visit by Princess Anne to the college as part of a commemoration of the college’s role in the planning of the D-Day landing 70 years ago.


The clock installation was part of a project to build a beautiful clocktower incorporating 5 student’s rooms on part of the Harris Manchester College site. The work also complemented external work on the new Sukum Navapan access gate and adjoining replacement boundary wall.


The six clock dials (765mm) of the clock tower are rear illuminated with the rings gilded in 23½ carat, double thickness English gold leaf. All six clock dials were proudly manufactured by our expert clockmakers in our works in Derby. 


The hands of the six dials were given a black gloss finish and the hour strike is provided by a traditional bell that weighs approximately 200kg.


For more information on the project or for questions about a possible clock project in your community feel free to contact us here or call 01332 257118.


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