As clocks spring forward this weekend, we may be visiting your community

Sunday, March 30th is the day clocks are set forward and Smith of Derby clockmakers are offering our annual apology for taking away an hour of your sleep!

Posted on 28 March, 2014 by Smith of Derby.




With the apology now out of the way, The Smith of Derby team of specialist clockmakers will be working flat out to spring forward the time on over 200 public clocks across England, Wales and Scotland.

Responsible for changing the times of clocks on famous landmarks, including Derby Cathedral and the Astronomical Clock at Leicester University our team of 18 field clockmakers will begin the mammoth task on Sunday morning and are expected to finish on Wednesday.

The majority of the time pieces will be public or church clocks, including those on Richmond Town Hall and on Nottingham's Victoria Shopping Centre.


Bob Betts, Managing Director for Smith of Derby, assured that with good weather planned over in the coming days the team can get the job done relatively quickly. He also modestly added, “We have been doing it for many years now!”


Bob went on to say, "It is difficult to do it [turn back clocks] at a predetermined time and all at the same time, so we work very closely with the town halls and the parish councils to find out when is best to do it for them and get everyone alerted to that.”


I'm sure there'll be people saying: 'Is that the right time or is that the wrong time? But we get there."


The task of servicing this many clocks is one Smith of Derby gladly takes on, but the task is a challenging one. Many of the clocks are difficult to get to because the nature of a public clock is that it’s usually in a tower so clock maintenance workers will have to climb up those 150 or so steps of some towers.


Smith of Derby believes that a clock represents the heartbeat of the community, and Mr. Betts and the Smith of Derby team “take the upkeep of our horology for the country very seriously.”


Over 200 clocks will need to be changed manually by the Smith of Derby clock maintenance team, but most of the 4800 clocks that we are responsible for servicing will update automatically. That is good news for the legs of our field clockmakers!


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