Bell Sound Systems


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Electronic Automated Bell Systems

Smith of Derby can step in to replace your current traditional bells with an automated bell chiming system.  Our bell chiming systems can be installed in traditional church clock tower settings, but aren't confined to this use. Installation in public clock towers and municipal buildings such as town halls can bring an authoritative presence to the public clock in your community. Even if you don’t have any existing traditional bells we can help. Our electronic bell chiming systems reproduce sound with the subtle harmonic resonance of original bells. You can play one bell note for the Angelus or up to 15 bell notes for hymns and wedding peals.

Electrically Operated Programmes

We provide precision controlled hammer operation to run tolling programmes. There are many options available including single toll, service tolling, regina coeli and funeral slow toll.

For those church and public buildings under pressure to silence their bells at night, our electronically controlled bell programmes are flexible enough to introduce night silencing for your community.

The sound of bells enhances any setting, including a City Hall, a modern Shopping Centre or a landscaped area.The use of bells in these environments always creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.



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Increase Revenue

We recognise that a fully working church bell system provides an outstanding opportunity to increase revenue for churches or other venues.

Smith of Derby's Wedding Church Bell System provides the perfect way for you to enhance that offer as a wedding venue.

There’s no doubt that an important part of the big day for the bride and groom is to have the joyous sound of church bells at their wedding. If you can’t provide this service, you’re potentially losing out on income and it could be the difference between your venue being chosen or not.

Now, like many other venues around the UK, you can benefit from Smith of Derby’s unique church bell sound system.


• Perfect for civil wedding venues.

• A variety of wedding peals can be programmed into the system.

• Superb sound quality and range.

• Quickly installed by our engineers and easy to operate.

• A significant further income opportunity for you.

• Easy payment options available.

• Smith of Derby - church bell specialists for over 150 years