Bespoke Exterior clocks

The simplicity of the universally recognised analogue exterior clock is popular the world over. Smith of Derby have a range of exterior clocks that can be installed on walls and in public spaces as wall clocks suitable for exterior installations. As well as choosing from the existing range of exterior clocks, Smith of Derby can also design a bespoke clock or creative timepiece to suit your particular project requirements.


There are a wide range of available design options to choose from to make your choice of outdoor wall clock truly your own. Our traditional pattern exterior clock dials have stood the test of time for over 150 years and our experienced engineers have installed and maintain hundreds of exterior clocks.

If you cannot choose from our wide range of existing exterior clock designs, then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.  We can incorporate company logos, corporate colours, automatic clock control mechanisms such as automatic winding systems and bell chiming to all our exterior clocks.  

All outdoor clocks are designed and manufactured to Smith of Derby's high standards of manufacturing quality on our site in Derby.  Clocks are installed by our team of experienced engineers, and we can collaborate with your architects or work with your own designers to suit the project.

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