Back and Ticking: William Taylor Jewellers Clock Of Hockley

New Nottingham shop-owner Edin Gondzic calls on Smith of Derby with four-week restoration of public street clock.

Posted on 07 April, 2014 by Smith of Derby.


The closure of William Taylor Jewellers of Nottingham has signalled an end of an era for the company after 158 years, but the recent restoration of its clock by Smith of Derby has ensured its continued place in the community’s history.


When Edin’s Natural Kitchen moved into the Taylor Jeweller’s premises last June, owner Edin Gondzic was determined to see the clock restored and brought back to life. The clock’s location was at 15 Carlton Street, Hockley and has been a recognisable part of the community for some time. Mr. Gondzic would not see this piece of history go to waste. Smith of Derby clockmakers were called for an extensive, four-week restoration project to revive the clock and ensure that it would be keeping good time outside of the shop for years to come.


The clock denotes the name of William Taylor Jewellers and has the number 1854 –the year the business was established- in large black letters on the casing. The Nottingham Post archives have failed to identify the clock’s exact time of installation but shots of the 1970’s and 1980’s reveal the timepiece’s placement on the shop front.


Many people are asking if communities do enough to promote heritage in their cities. Shopowner Edin Gondzic feels he is doing his part and added, “people will like having the clock back up – it’s a piece of history after all.”


Smith of Derby believes in the ‘expression of time’ and that a clock can symbolise a community’s heritage. Through public clock repair, public clock maintenance, and dial restoration we preserve time in communities for future generations of time-telling.


For any queries regarding a clock restoration project in your community feel free to contact us. We will gladly get things ticking.

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