Redcar Hospital DNA Feature Clock

Smith of Derby conceived the concept of a DNA clock as telling the story of time and life. As time passes, every moment witnesses a unique set of life events throughout the universe. By the same token, every DNA molecule is unique, but based on a recognisable twin-helix structure.

The horizontal bars with a sphere at each end represent the hours. The spheres light up two at a time as each hour is passed. The progression of minutes is indicated by how many of the 60 white beads in the base are illuminated. The entire spiral structure rotates at one revolution per hour.

Companion to the DNA time feature are two conventional analogue clocks within range: a two dial projecting clock with internal illumination and a single dial occupying the end wall of the atrium close to the café. All three have synchronous timekeeping and automatic power failure with summer/winter time correction.

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