Guildford Projecting Clock

The detailed work on the timepiece included stripping off and re-gilding the 23½ carat English gold leaf gilding and repairing parts of the mechanical clock movement, and will ensure that the 1683 projecting clock will continue to run for decades to come.

The clock, which projects over Guildford High St from the Guildhall and which has regularly appeared on television, has a traditional two train with recoil anchor escapement and has been serviced and cared for by Smith of Derby for a great many years.

Daedalus Conservation also worked on this project and their woodworking craftsmen cut out and replaced the areas of concern, following which Smith of Derby clockmakers painted all the woodwork with exterior quality weatherproof gloss paint, including abrasion of all ironwork and application of anti corrosive primer.

Original Manufacture in 1683
Re-gilding of 23 1/2 carat English gold leaf
Traditional two train with recoil anchor esccapement
Clock case: English oak with cast iron internal frame
Clock woodwork painted with quality weatherproof gloss

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    Bracket and projecting
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  • Dimensions
    Height 8ft, width 8ft, depth 2ft 6in

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