Coliseum Theatre, London

With Nelson’s Column and the spire of St-Martin-in-the-Fields in the background, this sphere dominates the immediate skyline.

Originally built in 1904, the Coliseum is the masterwork of Frank Matcham, the undisputed leader of the turn of the century theatre building boom. It is the largest proscenium theatre in England.

During a programme in 2004 of careful restoration and redecoration, inside and outside of this wonderful building, Smith of Derby’s brief was to work with the client to restore the globe to its former glory.

The globe, driveshaft and mechanism weigh 5 tonnes and offer variable rotation speed.  Through our experience in kinetic engineering, we have ensured the 4 metre diameter steel globe turns elegantly and consistently, casting a sparkle over London’s West End night life.

Kinetic engineering allows the four metre diameter steel globe to turn consistently
The globe, driveshaft and mechanism weigh five tonnes and offer variable rotational speeds
Part of an eight-month closure and £41 million restoration plan, the Coliseum reopened on 21 February 2004

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