Summer/Winter Time Change

Smartdrive automatically takes care of clock altering for summer/winter time changes. The dates and times are pre-programmed into the Smartdrive unit, and the self-calibrating hands will automatically re-adjust their positions in the Spring and Autumn.


Design flexibility

We can create a dial design integral to your scheme, using materials of your choice including wood, steel, slate, glass and polymers. You also have the option to customise from one of our ready-made designs.
An optional LED light ring for displaying second movement is also available.


Up to 750mm dial diameter.
A 240v power supply is required.


Smartdrive is governed by a thermally compensated quartz mechanism, accurate to within +/-2 seconds per year.

In the event of a power outage, the on-board clock will keep running to ensure your clock keeps accurate time.

Our Smartdrive movement enables you to set the date, time and country and gives options of minute hand increment movement including 30 seconds, 1 minute. The movement includes maintenance free brushless motors and Delrin gears.