Gwalchmai Memorial Clock Restoration is Underway!

Commemoration clock for those lost in World War I is undergoing extensive repair work at Smith of Derby

Posted on 06 October, 2014


The Gwalchmai Memorial clock was originally installed in 1914 by JB Joyce & Co of Whitchurch, part of Smith of Derby Group, to commemorate those lost in World War I and it also has a separate plaque with names of soldiers killed in World War II.


Smith of Derby clock restorers are currently undertaking a full dial restoration and overhaul of the clock movement. This clock restoration project is a result of a site visit that revealed the need for critical clock repair work.


The clocks will be fully restored in the Smith of Derby Works and will involve blasting the dials to remove the rust, applying a zinga primer undercoat and a finish in black gloss. The clock dials will then be re-glazed in an opal acrylic.


The clock’s movement will be dismantled, cleaned and tested and whilst the clock is away there are additional fixings and brackets being fitted within the towers by other people involved in the project. It is intended to complete the work for Remembrance Sunday 9th of November.


For any details regarding a possible clock restoration project for your community, feel free to contact us here.

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