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Keeping Time: film follows clockmaker during ‘clock change’

March 20, 2018 Uncategorized

: This short was made by filmmaker Nick Whitworth. Nick notes that ‘Many of us know that the clocks change twice a year to account for Daylight Saving Time but few are probably aware of just what this entails. Behind the dials and hands visible from street level there are levers, wheels, hammers, and weights. Here we follow Matthew Smith, long-serving clockmaker at Smith of Derby, as he carries out alterations on mechanical clocks across London.’ Nick is one of the eight members of the sixth generation descended from the John Smith who started the company. Most of them have…

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Nick Smith: A life in time

March 16, 2018 News

In Memoriam John Nicholas Wilkins Smith 21st August 1935 – 12th February 2018 Nick Smith gave almost his entire professional life to supporting the turret clock making company founded by his great great grandfather, John Smith. In his school years he had regularly joined his father Howard when inspecting turret clocks in churches and public buildings around the country, or down at John Smith and Sons’ Queen Street clock works. This pattern was repeated with his own children many years later. After training as an accountant, and graduating as the top student in the region, Nick travelled to Canada to…

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Case Study: Kings Cross Platform 8

March 7, 2018 Heritage, Public, Traditional

Client: Network Rail Location: Kings Cross Station, London Size: 2m diameter Materials: Gold leaf, acrylic paint, brass, illumination Date: 2012 Project code: 28069 Known fondly as the Harry Potter clock by fans who visit Kings Cross Station. Restored in 2012, it was originally two separate dials, separated by steel rods and located astride a footbridge. Taking its cue from the elusive platform 9 3/4, the footbridge disappeared. The clock, however, winged its way to our workshops, where within earshot of trains on the adjacent main railway line it would feel quite at home. We then worked our own magic, designing and…

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